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The Best FREE Home Staging Tip

This is the #1 tip that I give to every homeowner.

That dirt and dust on your baseboards? It shows.

Dirty windows? It shows, even in photographs!

Unwashed curtains, sheets, and pillowcases? They smell!

Hairs in the bathroom sink? You’re scaring buyers away!!

The best FREE staging advice that I can give, is to clean your home. If you can invest nothing else to prepare your home for sale, you can at least clean it! The only thing it will cost you is the investment of your time.

Buyers WILL notice if you don’t. Clean, clean, clean!! And then, clean some more.

What's the Benefit of a Clean Home?

Which of these two rooms would you prefer? Which one would you pay more for?

Buyers love a clean home. A clean space is welcoming and doesn't leave them with thoughts of 'ick', 'yuck', or 'this isn't worth the asking price'. We want buyers to imagine themselves living there and enjoying the space, they can't do that if they are thinking of how dirty the property is and all the work they will have to do to clean it before they even move in. They are willing to pay more for a clean property.

Don't Miss a Spot

It's easy to do a quick clean, but you want to complete a deep clean of the entire home. So don't forget about cleaning these spots:

- light fixtures

- fan blades

- bathroom fans

- baseboards

- tops, inside & out of cabinets

- inside & out, around & under appliances

- kitchen hood vent

- window tracks

- handrails

- door handles

- light switches

- vents and vent covers

- walls

- grout lines

- change the furnace filter

- spaces near pet dishes & litter boxes

Scrub and polish every surface, edge, and corner. Don't leave anything untouched.

Consider Hiring a Cleaning Company

Hiring a professional cleaning company to do a top to bottom cleaning of your home is a fantastic investment. What their teams can accomplish in a few hours would take you days to complete. Their expertise is especially beneficial if you cannot physically complete it all yourself or if you do not have the extra time to devote to this crucial step. Your time is precious and when preparing to sell, there is often a rush to get everything completed in a short timeline.

Any carpets in the home should be professionally cleaned as well.

A Clean Home is Desirable to Buyers

Cleaning is the best investment you can make to prepare your home for sale. Make it easy for potential buyers to imagine themselves moving right in! Don't give them any reasons to offer a lower price.

Is your home needing more help? Contact us to book a Home Staging Consultation. We can give you all the suggestions necessary to prepare your home to be market-ready!

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