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Exciting Update - a NEW location!!

Crystal Home Styling has a new location!

Back in the fall of 2020, we started with six boxes of accessories on a shelf in our garage. We've expanded, and now in the spring of 2023, we have a commercial space of our own, full of all the things we need to create staging magic!!

Staging Warehouse storage Calgary

Back in March I devoted a whole day to clean up and re-organize the inventory in our garage (AGAIN!) to try and make things easy to find and create a better space to work. It wasn't 100% ideal but it got cleaned up and worked a bit better. Here is what the garage looked like after I re-organized.

Calgary Staging warehouse

Just a few weeks later in April, an opportunity popped up to rent a space and I jumped at the chance! I started space planning right away to optimize every square inch available. I knew what worked and what didn't, and I was determined to create a really functional space. I measured everything and made a scaled floor plan with graph paper and sticky notes. After hyper-focusing for a few days, and trying 20 different layouts, I created one that would give me all the features I need.

Staging Warehouse Floorplan

Creating Custom Storage

When I called my parents to tell them my exciting news, I mentioned to my Dad that I wanted to make a custom storage shelf for our artwork. It needed to be custom-built to fit our largest pieces, and I wanted to maximize the vertical space. He got to work right away building the perfect solution for me. The day before moving everything in, he arrived and we put it together in place. He really is the best!

Custom Staging Storage Solutions

All of the other storage shelves were pieces I already owned and most of them were purchased secondhand. My desk and chair are items I've had for a while and both were found through Facebook Marketplace. I also used an old, leftover piece of pegboard to create a floral storage wall. That piece of pegboard has been sitting in my garage for 7+ years just waiting to be used. It has been so satisfying to create a functional space without too much extra spending and to create purpose with something that would have otherwise gone to the landfill.

All Moved In

Five vehicle loads later, we had everything moved over, lol! With the 6 of us, we got it done fast! Our daughters are fantastic helpers.

Creating functional staging location

Since the move, I've been focused on organizing and creating a functional staging studio in our new location. Now we are ready to grow some more!

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