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Home Staging for a Quick Sale

Staged homes typically sell 73% faster than homes that aren't staged.

This new build home was for sale in a beautiful neighbourhood, including mountain views and access to several amenities. Sadly, it sat vacant for months with lots of showings but received no offers.

Vacant Homes Need Staging

You would think that an empty space should look bigger, right? But that isn't true! Empty spaces actually appear smaller. Did you know that only 10% of the population can visualize how furniture will fit in a space? Staging vacant homes is crucial to showing buyers just how big the space really is.

It becomes difficult for buyers to create an emotional connection with a home when it is vacant. Adding in key pieces allows their imagination to take over and see themselves living in the space. It also helps give the buyers a better idea if their furniture will fit there.

Staging is a Deal-Maker

Once buyers can imagine themselves in a space it allows them to create an emotional connection with the home. We use our staging magic (psychology) to create opportunities for those emotional connections. Buyers begin by shopping with logic, but in the end most purchase decisions are based on emotions.

After this home was staged it received an offer in 12 days! (This was previous to the very strong sellers market that is happening these days) The seller was thrilled and so were we!

Stage for Success

The best way to get the highest return from your listing is to stage it! Selling faster and receiving higher offers is what every seller and real estate agent wants.

Booking a consultation is the first and best step to prepare your home to list. Message or call me to book yours!

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