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How Long Will Staging My Home Take?

If you've never experienced selling or staging a home before, you might have questions like these:

What does working with a stager look like?

Is this going to be a long process?

How long will it take to get my home staged?

How inconvenient will staging be?

Pre-Listing Consultation

We start with our Pre-Listing Consultation, an in-home consultation for homes that will remain occupied while on the market. We go through the entire home room by room and spend up to 2 hours with you giving all the recommendations to prepare your home to look its best and appeal to your target buyers.

If the home is vacant we do a site assessment in order to gather photos and any measurements we require to make the design plan. This site assessment takes up to 30 minutes.


While you work on the tasks we discussed at the consultation, we do lots of behind-the-scenes work before we arrive with our staging inventory. We create a design plan based on the photos we took during the consultation, we create an inventory list, pick out the best items to highlight your spaces, pack them up, and load them onto the truck. This process of design planning, inventory picking, packing, and loading takes about 2 hours.

Staging Installation Day

The day has arrived and you're about to get an HGTV moment! While you leave us at the property we will transform the spaces to be market ready! We often stage the same day that the photographer is booked. When we finish, we take time to get our photos to use for marketing and our social media pages. These photos also help us to remember what items we've installed. Each home can vary in size and accessibility so it's not always the same, but you can expect that we will spend approximately 3-5 hours at the property during your staging installation.

De-Staging Day

You'll hear us mention "De-Staging" and you might wonder what we are talking about. It simply means the removal of all the staging inventory that we installed in your home. De-Staging is a lot quicker than a staging installation. We usually complete the removal of everything in 1-2 hours. Then we return everything to the warehouse and put everything away, which takes about another hour.

Staging is Fairly Quick

The process of staging takes approximately 8-10 total hours per project, but the time on site is only a portion of that. We work with you to make it as easy and smooth of a process as possible to lessen the inconvenience you experience.

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