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How to Update a Main Floor

Can you brighten a kitchen with dark cabinets and countertops without the expense of changing them out? Yes!

One of the services I offer is a Colour & Décor Consultation. In this 2-hour consultation, we assess your home and discuss what you love and what you'd like to change. We talk about solutions and design ideas to transform the home into a true reflection of you. After the appointment a detailed report is provided of the choices and suggestions we discussed, this becomes a helpful reference as you go forward with making those changes.

Here are the results of a Colour & Décor Consultation I did for clients with a very dark kitchen.

A Very Dark Kitchen

My clients purchased a home that had a kitchen with dark wood cabinets, black tile, and black granite countertops. The kitchen lighting was also inadequate to help brighten the space. They wanted a light and bright open space. As a large family, they spend many hours in the kitchen preparing and sharing meals and wanted to have a space they could really enjoy.

Often when homeowners renovate, they are only able to do it in bite-size pieces. One section at a time. That was the case with this home. They had the desire and ability to DIY but also had to consider their budget for cost and the amount of time it would take them to complete it.

Colour can make all the difference

For this renovation the cabinets and countertops needed to stay the same, there wasn't enough budget to change them. Instead, we decided to use colour in strategic ways to lighten and brighten the space. We made choices for flooring, tile, and paint for the main floor. I also provided lighting suggestions to replace and update their lighting fixtures. They love the mountains, outdoors, and a farmhouse vibe, so we used that as our inspiration and went with Benjamin Moore Spanish Olive for the walls, a grey tone wood for the vinyl flooring, and a warm off-white tile for the kitchen.

The first part of the renovation they completed was the kitchen tile. It instantly made the kitchen a brighter and more enjoyable space for them.

After the tile was complete, they tackled the flooring and paint.

While finishing the flooring, they decided to change their fireplace tile. It had been the same as the kitchen and no longer related to anything in the home. I went back and together we chose a similar tile to the one they had installed in the kitchen. This would tie the rooms together (the kitchen and living room are an open concept space) and keep the light and bright feeling they wanted.

My client was so pleased to have a fireplace with the look she had always wanted. It was the perfect fit for the space. When December arrived she shared a photo of the fireplace with their Christmas décor! It was wonderful to see how pleased they were with the final results.

Transform your home with Colour

Colour can make all the difference in making a space right for you. Lightening the kitchen and fireplace with new tile, changing flooring, and painting transformed this home to reflect what the client wanted for their space. The end results were light and bright!

Call or message me to book your Colour & Décor Consultation to transform your space to be a reflection of you!

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