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Welcome to Crystal Home Styling

I'm Crystal Niznik and I'm a Colour Consultant, Interior Decorator and Home Stager. Welcome to Crystal Home Styling.

What do you want to be when you grow up?

When I was a teen I wanted to be an Interior Decorator, Wedding Dress Designer or Wedding planner. I still have a folder with pages of floor plans and dress drawings from that time. While in High School, a friend took one of my drawings to a seamstress to have a dress created for her graduation, that is as far as my Wedding Dress Designer 'career' took me.

Marriage and motherhood came early for me in life and that was my main focus for many years. My husband and I came to Calgary in the early 2000s for a career opportunity and have made it our home. We love it here, especially the chinooks in winter! We have 4 daughters who keep us busy and laughing (most of the time, lol). I suppose one day I may get the chance to do that Wedding Planner job after all, with our girls.

Career Change

In mid-2020 I was looking to make a career shift and I found my way to Colour Consulting, Home Staging and Interior Decorating. I have loved the constant learning that this opportunity has provided along with meeting new people, creating new relationships and improving my talents.

The past couple of years has been full of online learning, zoom calls, webinars and lots of social media time. I have been trying to soak in all the information I can to be able to give the best service possible to my clients.

Happy to Help

My favourite part so far has been the opportunity to help my clients. When I see how their spaces have been transformed and how happy it makes them, I am so pleased! It truly is a pleasure to help others find joy in their homes and to make their space a reflection of who they are.

So welcome to my blog, here I will share the incredible transformations that I can be a part of! Hit the follow button on my Instagram or Facebook page for more frequent updates on what I'm up to.

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