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Is Staging Only for the Wealthy?

I was recently asked, "Is Staging only for the very wealthy?" I'm sure many have wondered this same thing. It's NOT only for the very wealthy, it's for everyone!

Staging is beneficial for everyone, here are a few reasons why:

#1 - Benefits Every Homeowner

According to the National Association of Realtors, Staging has a 400% return on investment and makes a home sell faster. What seller wouldn't want to get more from one of their largest investments? Everyone wants to make the highest possible profit and staging offers that.

#2 - Presents an Elevated Lifestyle

Buyers are often swayed by emotion when purchasing. Staging uses psychology to present an elevated lifestyle that buyers aspire to. This inspires them to create an emotional attachment to the home and make an offer, they are already imagining themselves living a great life there.

#3 - Opportunity for Higher Sale Price

Staging can increase the asking price of a home. When sellers follow staging recommendations it allows fewer opportunities for buyers to ask for concessions, or present a lower offer. Remove any opportunity by completing the recommendations and making the home move-in ready. When done right a home can be completely transformed, and increase in value!

#4 - Doesn't Have to Cost Much

Staging doesn't have to cost a lot of money. Don't miss my post "Best FREE Staging Tip", it makes a HUGE difference. Minimizing the number of items in your home and placing furniture into optimal layouts to allow for traffic flow doesn't have to cost anything but your time. This will help to attract buyers to your listing too!

#5 - Professional Staging Costs Less Than a Price Reduction

Staged homes appeal to buyers right from the start (MLS photos) and draw them in to create an emotional connection with the property. That results in quicker sales, less time on the market (lower carrying costs), and less chance of having to reduce the price to entice buyers.

Often price reductions will start at $10,000. Staging fees are a small percentage of that cost. Our Pre-Listing Consultation is only 2.5% of a reduction of $10,000.

Staging is Beneficial for Everyone

Staging benefits all homeowners, not just the very wealthy. Everyone wants to receive the most value they can from their real estate investment, staging helps to increase that return on investment.

Stage before you list and reap all these benefits!

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